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Why use PCmover?

Learn why you should use PCmover to transfer your data, settings, and applications to your new PC.


 LG Gram PC owners: PCmover is included free with new LG Gram PCs!




1. Install

Download and install PCmover on both your old and new computers.

2. Transfer

Click through the wizard and select which type of transfer you want to do.

3. Done

Your new computer will have the same personality and functionality as your old PC.


Purchasing a new PC is an exciting experience! However, it can be disappointing to realize that your new device doesn't have all your favorite pictures and data from your old computer.

For the average home user, manually transferring files using external drives or cloud storage can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. This method is not only tiresome but also runs the risk of missing out on important items.

Fortunately, PCmover is here to solve this problem. With its easy-to-use transfer wizard, PCmover allows you to seamlessly transfer all your data, settings, and applications to your new PC.

You have the option to selectively choose what you want to transfer or let PCmover automatically transfer everything. The best part is that nothing is changed on your old PC during the transfer process.

Once PCmover completes the transfer, you'll be grateful that your new PC now has everything you wanted from your old computer.

Don't hesitate to use PCmover today to make your new PC setup a breeze and eliminate any worries about losing important files and data when purchasing a new computer!

For more information, check out the PCmover User Guide or contact us.