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PCmover Experience on XP and Vista

Article highlights the limited transfer experience users might see on Windows XP and Vista using PCmover's latest version and points out option to work around these limitations


Users of Windows XP and Vista might encounter setup obstacles or unsatisfactory transfer results when using PCmover's latest version. XP and Vista are old operating systems which among other system components leverage Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, a framework that for migration purposes only allows for direct Ethernet or Wi-Fi connections.

In case you are encountering any issues or errors during PCmover preparations on XP or Vista or are in need of a different transfer method such as load/unload from external storage, restoration from a mounted image, or use of a compatible USB cable, be sure to contact Laplink here so that Technical Support can help you set up with an appropriate alternative version of PCmover and thus accommodate your migration scenario.

For a complete overview of available transfer methods in various editions of PCmover, see this other help article.