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How to Find and Identify Your Laplink Product Serial Number

Summarizes common serial number patterns and where to find the serial number for your Laplink product



The location of your Laplink serial number depends on how you purchased the product.

• Download:
When you purchased the product, you should have received a confirmation e-mail containing your serial number. If you no longer have this e-mail notification, visit the 'My Downloads' page of your Laplink Support Account at:


Once there, enter the e-mail address that you provided when you purchased the product. If you have forgotten your password, enter your e-mail address and click on the 'Forgot your
password?' link.

• CD/DVD/Physical Disk:
Affixed to the front or back of the disk sleeve



Depending on the Laplink product you purchased, your serial number will start with the following characters:

PCmover and PCmover-related:

PCmover Pro (download name)/Ultimate (physical edition name), version 5 to current:  PMP

PCmover Business:  PMB

PCmover Express:  PMX

PCmover Home:  PMH

PCmover Image & Drive Assistant:  PM1

PCmover Profile Migrator:  PPM

PCmover Upgrade Assistant:  PMV

Older Laplink PCmover, versions 1-3:  PCM

Older PCmover rebrands: 
Transfer My PC:  TMP  ///  Transfer Your PC:  TYP  ///  PC Relocator:  PCR


Laplink Gold:

Laplink Gold for Windows 7/Laplink Gold (current):  L15
Laplink Gold 2008:  L14
Laplink Gold 12:  L12
Laplink Gold 11.5:  LGB

Laplink Sync:

for Windows/Mac:  SYW
for Android:  SYA

Laplink Everywhere:  No starting characters -- random string.

DiskImage:  JPN1

v.6 to current:  EPN1
v.4 and prior:  EAN