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Download & Install PCmover

How to Download and Install PCmover to Get your Transfer Started

Your download link will depend on the edition of PCmover you have purchased. 

Note: If you cannot find your purchased Serial Number, please see help article 'How to Find your PCmover Serial Number'. 

Edition Serial Number Download Link User Guide Link

PCmover Professional



PCmover Ultimate PMPENRT-%%%%%%-0B0

PCmover Express

PMXML%%-%%%%%%-0B0 https://dl.laplink.com/ml/exp link

PCmover Business

PMBML%%-%%%%%%-0B0 https://dl.laplink.com/ml/bus link

PCmover Home

PMHML%%-%%%%%%-0B0 https://dl.laplink.com/ml/home link

PCmover Profile Migrator

PMSML%%-%%%%%%-0B0 https://dl.laplink.com/ml/ppm link

PCmover Image & Drive Assist

PM1ML%%-%%%%%%-0B0 link link